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Get ready for an epic duel between love and death

' ... an opera that will haunt us long after its authors are gone.' —ResMusica

In one enthralling act, the exciting, original chamber opera The Island of the Ugly Sisters explores the age-old battle between love and death, two sides of the same coin, whose fire and ice alike do pierce the human heart. The struggle between these mortal foes captivates us, turning us inward to examine in our own hearts the delicately human balance of light and dark.


Commissioned in 2010 by the Paris-based Opéra de PocheSisters premièred at the Théâtre Adyar in Paris on 18 October 2013.


The opera is poignantly romantic and achingly human, filled with violent and unexpected twists of fate, with characters and plot based on a true story from the American South.


Though I am young and cannot tell

Either what Death or Love is well,

Yet I do know they both bear darts

And both do aim at human hearts.


Ben Jonson

‘Karolin’s Song’ from The Sad Shepherd or a Tale of Robin Hood 1634

Music: Evan Fein

Libretto: Emily Anderson


Duration: 60'

Language: English

Voices: 4

Soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, bass baritone




Expanded orchestration (cl, vn, vcl, hp, pn)

New productions are currently being scheduled. The composer and librettist are available for seminars, lectures, and consultation with casts, audiences, and students at music schools and colleges.


For information about staging Sisters in your venue, please contact Emily Anderson.

Libretto & Website Content © Emily Anderson

Music © Evan Fein

Photographs © Philippe Vermès

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